Jomtien Beach Nightlife

Jomtien Plaza – Massage and Food

Jomtien Plaza

Jomtien Plaza

Jomtien Plaza is a street just one block off ThapPhraya road.  If you search for “Jomtien Plaza” you’ll get results for the CondoTel residence and no mention about the various businesses that line the street directly across from the hotel.

The street has a few massage and spa places, and restaurants.  This strip of various businesses is across the street from the CondoTel residence.  The CondoTel residence has rooms available for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals.

Nice location too, just off the main road to avoid all the traffic, but close enough that you can walk to several places and not worry about parking.  This strip of businesses depend largely on the people staying at the CondoTel since it is rather hidden from the rest of Jomtien Beach.  You may enjoy getting off the beaten path and enjoy a massage or dinner with a little more quiet.

Not far away is the Jomtien Complex featuring several gay venues.

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