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Jomtien Complex – Bars and Restaurants

Jomtien Complex

The Jomtien Complex of bars, restaurants and hotels appeals mostly to the gay locals and tourists.  However, not all the establishments are gay oriented.  For a nice variety of gay and non-gay bars, the Jomtien Complex is sure to satisfy the needs of everyone. There are some that refer to the Jomtien Complex as the Gay Walking Street.

The Jomtien Complex consists of several Gay bars, massage shops and hotel.  A recent visitor said that most of the bars were 50% full, so there seems to be plenty of patrons and activity.

Some popular bars include M2M Bar and Cabaret, Cocka2 Bar (formally Two Faces), @Home Bar and BC Bar.  The Jomtien Complex with nearly 20 bars, can satisfy the entertainment needs of most Gay patrons.

The Venue Cabaret has a Cabaret show featuring all transsexual actors.  Amazing music and costumes, plus they are a hotel with a nice swimming pool.  Around the corner is the 2 Donna bar, which is a straight bar with many sexy girls. and is usually showing a English Premier League game if one is going.

The Winner Bar is probably the largest bar in the complex with many tables, pool tables, girls and boys to serve you.  A very nice mixed audience bar.

Jomtien Complex Map

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