Jomtien Beach Nightlife

The Sauna Bar – Jomtien Beach

Sauna Bar

The Sauna Bar – WOW what an unique experience. A place you can go to relax in a pool, sit in a sauna, get a massage, have a variety of drinks and eat excellent food.  All this with beautiful girls walking around, or sitting with you having a drink.  Take a girl swimming with you, or go together to sit in the sauna. Or, how about a massage with a beautiful girl?

There is nothing like the Sauna Bar in Thailand.  Take a look at their Facebook page for their BBQ specials and other events.  They also have an option for free admission. The Sauna Bar features monthly events, pool parties, and is also available for private parties.

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Take look the photos below.  Here is a map so you can find the place:

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