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Rose Apple Massage

Rose Apple Massage Jomtien

Rose Apple Massage – The Best Massage in Jomtien Beach

Rose Apple Massage in Jomtien Beach, Thailand is the nicest massage shop in town.  The shop is well decorated and the girls are not only beautiful and sexy, but they all are very pleasant and nice to be with.  Tammy is the owner and manager and has personally selected and trained each of the girls that work here. This massage shop will give you a good massage, plus a smile on your face.  Stop by for a nice erotic experience.

Rose Apple Massage offers all the typical services including foot massage, oil massage, Thai massage, Head and Shoulders massage, plus they have several special massages which involve special oils, aromatic, and gels.

This massage shop is located in a shopping center, with plenty of parking, and with a grocery store, Italian restaurant, laundry, and a bus stop.  And it is, surely, the most attractive store there.   A one stop place, you can get a massage, get your clothes cleaned, enjoy a pizza, pick up some groceries, and leave with a smile on your face.

Rumor has it that this massage shop does a full service massage including a happy ending, etc.  All negotiable with the girl on an individual basis.


Rose Apple Massage Map

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