Jomtien Beach Nightlife

Nana Bar – Jomtien Beach

Nana Bar

Nana Bar

Nana BarNana Bar is located on Jomtien Second Road which is the main road from Pattaya.  This bar has a great menu of excellent western food in addition to beautiful girls to serve it up. The rumor is they serve a great spaghetti sauce, chili con carne and can serve up a pretty good breakfast.  You won’t leave hungry for food, or thirsty for beer, or lonely without a Thai girl.

Is it a Bar or a Restaurant? A lot of both, as the night wears on, the restaurant business winds down and the bar winds up with ice cold beer and Thai girls to help you drink it.  With a pool table and TV screen showing videos and games, there is a lot here to keep you entertained.  Food, cold been and beautiful girls, sounds like an excellent spot to pop in and relax and unwind.


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