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Saranrom Massage is located on the Jomtien Plaza street which runs adjacent to the Jomtien Plaza condo complex.  This is a small shop, but they provide a nice massage service.  Located off the main road, this location is more quiet and avoids the traffic stress of parking and walking.

The girls are qualified to provide a variety of massage services.  This massage shop provides Aroma, Oil, Thai, Foot massages as well as Facial massage and a body scrub.  Reasonably priced and open from 10 am to 11 pm daily, you will sabai sabai here, to be sure.

The Jomtien Plaza area has a few massage places, but Saranrom Massage was the only friendly place that would talk to me.  I am offering free listings on this web site, but the other massage shop in Jomtien Plaza were suspect of the “free” part of the offer and declined.

I felt very comfortable at Saranrom Massage and they gave me a great massage.  I recommend you stop by to relieve some stress and relax for awhile.  Check out some other massage shops in Jomtien Beach.

Saranrom Massage Map

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