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Happy Massage

Happy Massage with sexy girls

Happy Massage is located on the main road in Jomtien, this massage shop is staffed with qualified and beautiful girls.  A clean location featuring various massages including foot, oil, Thai, etc. is a great place to unwind and relax.  After sampling a few massages shops around Jomtien, I can say that this massage shop gives the best massage in Jomtien Beach.  They are a true massage parlor which provides a professional massage.

Although the name is “Happy” their policy is to not provide happy endings.  However, recently a customer was offered a happy ending at the end of the massage.  These massage girls don’t make very much money for doing a massage, so it is the extra money they get for doing extra service that makes a financial difference for their money needs.

This is a very comfortable place and makes every effort to make their customers feel comfortable.  Their service was not rushed and they provide an excellent massage.

Here is a map:

Happy Massage Map

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