Restaurants in Jomtien Beach


Restaurants in Jomtien Beach

Restaurants in Jomtien BeachRestaurants in Jomtien BeachRestaurants in Jomtien Beach are the best restaurants in the Pattaya – Jomtien area.  A variety of foods are available including Mexican, Indian, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, American, English, Seafood, and Steaks. The best wine collections can be found at the restaurants in Jomtien Beach. If you are not staying in Jomtien Beach, then a taxi ride to Jomtien is worth the little extra effort to find great food, excellent service in a cool comfortable atmosphere. Jomtien Beach has developed into a portion of Pattaya where those who want a more elegant experience can travel to and get away from the events of down town Pattaya.  Enjoy a great English dinner of liver and onions at The Pig and Whistle, or nearby is the News Cafe which serves a variety of food including Thai food.

Suggested meal plan at restaurants in Jomtien Beach:

  • Start with a great breakfast and coffee at The Continental Bakery;
  • for lunch, head over to Mike’s Mexican restaurant for a tasty margarita and a combo plate with a burrito and taco;
  • for dinner, enjoy an excellent Italian dish and a nice red wine at Gian’s Italian restaurant. Finish the day at Shenanigan’s Irish Pub with a cold draft beer and a snack while watching football.

There are several sidewalk food vendors in various parts of Jomtien.  If you are spending the day on the beach, you will have many opportunities to buy food from the vendors on the beach.  I caution you to only eat the food which is freshly cooked, rather than purchase food which has been sitting in a box or tray being carried around the beach for several hours.  Your best bet is to stop by one of these fabulous restaurants for quality food, and great service. A meal at any of the following restaurants will be filled with great food and good drink in a cool comfortable setting.

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