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Pupen Seafood

Pupen Seafood

Pupen Seafood is known by the locals as the best seafood for the best price.  Well, the best seafood at any price, to be sure.  Pupen Seafood serves up great crab, lobster, shrimp, sea bass, in a variety of recipes and dishes.

Their location is far away from downtown Jomtien or Pattaya, but it is worth the trip.  They are located on the seaside at the far end of Jomtien.  See the map for details.  Seats are available on the water so you can crack the crab while the surf is splashing against the rocks.

Pupen Seafood also has great drinks, and desserts.  This well staffed restaurant provides good service, and quick preparation of your order.  In order to keep the various food items fresh, they are kept alive in tanks and pulled out when ready to cook.

You will not be disappointed with the price, quantity, quality and variety of food on the menu.

Here is a link to their web site —> Restaurant web site

Pupen Seafood Map

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