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News Steaks and Grill

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News Steaks and Grill

news steak and grillNews Steaks and Grill is located in the Jomtien area of Pattaya.  On the main road that travels between Jomtien and Pattaya, located in the Chateau Dale Plaza.  This is a comfortable and relaxed restaurant with a nice variety of great food all at reasonable prices.

I was impressed with their wine selection, which is hard to find in Thailand.  News Steaks and Grill’s polite staff is very helpful with good English skills.  This is a place where you can dress up and have a great meal, or come in shorts and T-shirt for a casual meal.

News Steaks & Grill has Swedish owners and also Swedish chefs.  Daily specials include:

  • Monday: 2 meals for the price of 1
  • Tuesday: Mexican BBQ Plate – All you can eat
  • Wednesday: Seafood night
  • Thursday: 2 for 1 cocktails
  • Friday: Steak night
  • Sat – Sun: Lunch buffet

Reservations are not needed, but you can call 038-267174 if you like, or for large groups.

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News Steaks & Grill Map

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