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Rompho Complex – Bars, Restaurants

Rompho Bars Jomtien

The Rompho Complex – Jomtien Beach

The Rompho Complex is a set of outdoor bars located in Jomtien Beach.  The improvement of the major roads of Jomtien has opened up this area of Jomtien for many new businesses.  This complex is always changing with bars closing and new bars opening.  Many bars will serve food in addition to serving beautiful girls.

The Rompho Complex has a variety of bars and places to eat that will meet the needs of most people.  Friendly and sexy bar girls are inviting to any visitor.  With more than 50 small bars, you will easily find a spot where you feel comfortable.  A variety of food, drinks and girls will keep you full and uplifted for the night.  Many bars have pool tables that invite some competitive play.

The most popular bars are Aussie Bar, Rum Dum Bar, Wild West Saloon and Mustang Ally’s.

In addition to bars and restaurants, there are a couple of short time hotels in the area to enhance your fun with the bar girls.

Rompho Bars Complex Map

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