The Venue Cabaret

The Venue Cabaret

The Venue Cabaret, located in the Jomtien Complex, displays a nice bar and show with talented dancers, singers and nice choreography.  The costumes are beautiful as well as the actors and dancers wearing them.  They do an amazing show that is fun for the entire family.

The Venue Cabaret

The Venue Cabaret Show

The Venue Cabaret Show and bar is open 7 nights a week and they don’t charge admission or a cover charge. The three part Cabaret Show starts at 10:00pm and includes four gorgeous ladyboys, a beautiful drag queen as well as a dozen handsome young male dancers.

Each part of the show is separated by a short intermission, you’ll want to stay for the whole show.  The show changes every couple of nights and includes a variety of international songs old and new.   You should arrive early to get the best seats.

The full service bar has a wide range of international and local brand liquors and drinks all at reasonable prices.  After the show many of the cast relax on the terrace or by the swimming pool and enjoy sharing the ‘After Show Happy Hour ‘.

After the show, you should visit the other gay venues also located in the Jomtien Complex.

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