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Jomtien Bar Girls

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The Jomtien bar girls in the Pattaya- Jomtien Beach area are more elegant, subdued, and not as pushy as you may find in bars and clubs in the Pattaya area.¬† The most beautiful girls in Thailand can be found at a bar or gentlemen’s club in Jomtien Beach.

The bars in Jomtien are smaller, usually do not have as many girls, but are more casual and relaxed.  Jomtien bar girls in Jomtien Beach are more about quality rather than quantity.  They are fun, sexy, and many can carry on a conversation.

Most of the Jomtien bar girls that work the bars in the Pattaya РJomtien area are girls from various villages from around Thailand.  Working at a bar is the only job in Thailand were a decent amount of money can be made.  Most of these girls have a family, and probably a baby or two back in the village to take care of.  If they get a regular job working on the farm or in a factory, they will be lucky to make 300 baht a day.  Working in a bar, they can make 3 to 5 times more money.

Many times it is the parent who will choose the most beautiful daughter and send her off to work in a bar to make money for the family.  It is a known and accepted way of life in Thailand.  Parents feel blessed if they have a beautiful daughter.  Most of these girls hate the work they do, but they love the money.  Nearly all the money they make will be sent home for the family. So be generous, treat them good, show some respect.  The better you treat the girls, and the more respect you give them, the better experience you will have.

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Here are some places you will find some of the best Jomtien bar girls in Jomtien Beach.

  • Kinnaree Place: A elegant gentlemen’s club open from 2 to 10 pm daily. ¬†The girls here are¬†scrumptious¬†as are the food items. ¬†Excellent atmosphere, great food, a variety of drinks and beer, combined with the sexiest girls in Thailand. What more do you need?
  • Blush Gentlemen’s Club: Another fine gentlemen’s club also open from 2 to 10 pm daily also has a great selection of beautiful girls, low priced quality food, and great drinks.
  • Viper Go Go Bar: Currently, the only Go Go bar in Jomtien, you’ll enjoy the great classic rock music and videos while watching the sexy Go Go dancers on the stage. ¬†Cheap draft beer, a variety of drinks, great music, and beautiful girls.

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