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Blush Gentlemen’s Club

Blush Gentlemen's Club

Rioja Gentlemen’s Club is now Blush Gentlemen’s Club and is tucked away in a discreet location in the Pattaya – Jomtien Beach area and offers loads of beautiful girls and lots of fun.

The Blush Gentlemen’s Club offers unique features such as a large Jacuzzi in a room big enough for a fun party.  Just outside the Jacuzzi room is a outdoor covered party area complete with a dedicated bar with tables and chairs set aside from the main area of the bar downstairs.  Ideal for a bachelor’s party or other celebration.

Featuring at least 20 girls on any day and time, this is an afternoon and evening club open from Noon to 10 PM.  The Blush Gentlemen’s Club is not as big as the other similar clubs, however, the smaller lounge area is more intimate with plenty of seating including sofas as well as tables and chairs.   They have a well stocked bar with most liquors and beers available.

A nice variety of girls who are very friendly and eager to make the customers feel welcome and comfortable.  The lounge as a large TV displaying sports programming.  The friendliness of the staff is surpassed by no other bar or club.  These girls help you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door.

If you want some private time with one of the girls, Blush has several private rooms with showers, seating, and a bed.  The Blush Gentlemen’s Club features a nice food buffet with live sexy girl Filipino singers every Sunday; Tuesdays and Saturdays they have a DJ playing music and taking requests.  Happy hour is everyday between 1 PM and 3 PM.  And don’t miss their free Sunday roast beef brunch.

Blush Gentlemen's Club

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