We Are No 1 Go Go Bar

We Are No 1 A Go Go

We Are No 1 Go Go Bar

We Are No 1  Go Go bar, with sexy Jomtien Girls, is currently the only Jomtien Go Go bar.  There have been a couple of others, however, they seem to not stay long.  We Are No 1 Go Go bar has been in Jomtien for several years and offers a unique climate of beautiful Jomtien girls and classic rock music, which brings a consistent draw of customers.

This go go bar in Jomtien, usually always has a special price on draft beer, and offers great classical rock music and videos.  It is a great place for beer, great music, and a nice view of beautiful dancers.  Enjoy a nice evening of great classic rock, good cold beer and sexy girls.

Located just across the street from the Country Roads III bar, you can pop over to watch some sports and play pool if you need a break from the sexy girls, then come again for more later.

The girls will sit with you and gladly accept a drink when they are not dancing.  Plus, there are rooms upstairs for more private interactions.  Stop in for a relaxing, comfortable evening enjoying the classic rock music and videos, with a cold beer, and a sexy girl on your lap.

Located in the heart of Jomtien, this Go Go bar has a typical business model of the Pattaya Go Go bars, except the girls are friendlier and the music is great.

We Are No 1 Go Go bar map in Jomtien

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