Country Road III Bar

Country Road III Bar Jomtien Beach

Country Road III Bar

The Country Road III bar is located in Jomtien Beach just up the road from the beach.  This bar continues to deliver a relaxing atmosphere with several large screen TVs displaying various football games.  The bar also has a few pool tables to entertain while you are enjoying some cold drink.

This is not a typical beer bar with lots of girls begging for a drink.  The girls who work at the bar will accept a drink if offered.  The girls are there to take care of the customers, not to hassle them.  The relaxed friendly staff helps you enjoy your stay.  If you want a girl, they are there with some free-lancers around the bar.  Nearby, there is a bar with a few girls looking for a good time.

Across the road from Country Road III bar is the only Go Go bar in Jomtien, which is also a fun place to listen to great classic rock and view the sexy dancers.

Country Road III bar - Jomtien Beach
Country Road III bar - Jomtien Beach
Country Road III bar - Jomtien Beach

Country Road III Map Jomtien Beach

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Country Roads is always a good spot to catch a game, have a few beers, and talk to other expats. It is a good location for watching people, and their prices are reasonable. Not a great spot for picking up a lady, but there are plenty near by.


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