Jomtien Bars


Jomtien Bars in Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Bars

The Jomtien bars in Jomtien Beach are scattered around on various streets (sois).  The main streets that travel from Pattaya to Jomtien are littered with some good bars, including Country Road bars, Long Tail Bar, Apple Bar, Angel Beer Garden, etc.

The smaller, more intimate Jomtien bars are located on the smaller sois, including Soi 5, Soi 7, and Soi 12.  All three of these sois can be accessed from the main road which parallels the beach.  Watch for the small signs for soi names.  A couple of popular bars, Apple Bar, and Tequila Sunrise Bar are located far away from town center, click on their links below for more information.

The Jomtien bars variety also include some Gentlemen’s clubs such as Rioja, Kinnaree Place, and The Winchester.  These bars are elegantly decorated and feature a excellent choice of drinks, food, and girls.  All three are completely self contained with rooms to enhance your experience with the girls.  Plus, all of these clubs feature food, drinks, and beautiful Jomtien girls.

The Rompho Complex has over 50 different bars all nestled together side by side.  These bars are varied by themes and offerings.  You’ll surely find a bar that meets your liking and comfort.  Rompho has some places to eat such as Oz Burgers, and many of the bars offer food.  The Rompho area also has a couple of short-time room options if you want to have a more intimate experience with your favorite girl.  It seems like after I have failed at finding a good bar around Jomtien, I always end up back at the Rompho Complex where I can always find a good spot to drink and have fun.

Many bars are on the verge of dying since the owners will not put the money into repairs or modernization.  Some bars just don’t try to do good business.  For instance, I stopped by the Countryside bar, they had good music playing, a busy pool table, and over a dozen girls.  But I sat alone drinking my beer while the girls sat at a table together playing games on their phones and eating.  I find several bars like this around Pattaya and Jomtien.

The bars recommended on Jomtien Nightlife are tried and tested bars who do good business and take care of their customers.  Check out one of these bars, and your risk of not having a good time is very low.

See this map for locations of the various bars.  The red stars show where the major bars are located, however, there are many more bars around the Jomtien Beach ares.

Jomtien bars Map

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