Angel Beer Garden


Angel Beer Garden

Angel Beer Garden on Soi 7 in Jomtien Beach
Angel Beer Garden on Soi 7 in Jomtien Beach

The Angel Beer Garden is located on Soi 7 in Jomtien Beach, just a few steps from the beach itself.  This is a comfortable bar with friendly customers and girls, you can sit and watch what is happening on Soi 7, or enjoy talking with one of the girls.  Enjoy a couple of cold beers, and some laughs with the girls, then a stroll to the beach with one of the beauties.

Angel Beer Garden has a pool table, large screen TV, and lots of booze, this bar is just a short walk from the beach, across from a hotel, and just down the road from the Rompho complex.  Enjoy a relaxing beer in this cool open air setting.

I enjoyed a conversation with an Australian chap who was a regular at this bar.  He recommends the bar with its location being close to several other businesses such as massage, other bars, hotel, etc.  Many farang stop for a drink and a kiss from one of the girls.

Angel Beer Garden Jomtien beach

Angel Beer Garden Jomtien beach

Here is a map to help you find Angel Beer Garden:

Angel Beer Garden Map

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