Jomtien NightLife


Jomtien Beach Night Life

Jomtien Beach Night Life

Jomtien NightLife – South of Pattaya

The Jomtien nightlife, with many new bars, massage shops, and restaurants, is growing since the main road between Pattaya and Jomtien has been improved and widened.

Jomtien Beach is much more family oriented than Pattaya.  Jomtien Beach is a great place to bring the family, and still enjoy the Jomtien nightlife at the Jomtien bars and Gentlemen’s clubs.  The Jomtien nightlife is more subdued than Pattaya. A more relaxed atmosphere and less pressure from the girls.  The beaches and ocean swimming areas are nicer and much more vast.  Many nice restaurants line the road to Jomtien with a variety of cuisines including Indian, Mexican, Italian, Western, and, of course Thai.

Jomtien has many condo developments, most of which are within a view and short walk of the beach and ocean.  Many of these condos belong to part-time residents and are available to rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis when the owner is away.

The beaches are divided into two sections, Dongtan Beach, and Jomtien Beach.  Jomtien beach is about 7 km long and has several vendors making chairs with umbrellas available for 30 baht a day.  Many food vendors sell their products along the beach as well as other services such as massage, manicure, etc. on the beach while you relax.

Immediately across the street from Jomtien beach are several restaurants, mini-markets, hotels, salons, massage shops, spas, etc.  If you get bored on the beach, there is plenty to do within a very short walk.

Dongtan beach is the popular gay beach, but is frequented by many straight families since it is close to hotels and condos.  If you are not opposed to gay related activities, then Dongtan beach is a great place to go.  Dongtan beach begins at the bend in the road where there is a large 7-11 store.

Jomtien does not have a large shopping mall, however, along the beach road, there are several small business offering low priced products.  Hotels are generally less money than the neighboring Pattaya.

Bars are scattered around Jomtien with a few clusters, which are noted in the menu to the right of this page.  The bars in Jomtien are more relaxed, smaller, friendlier, not as pricey, and most have TVs for watching sports.  With the addition of more bars, Jomtien can offer most of your entertainment needs.

Jomtien nightlife

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